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Tim-Howard-Ink-Not-Mink-724x1024 howardPlease, won’t someone think of the animals?

Fret not. Beardy Everton / USA goalie Tim Howard has, and in fine style. Check out this recent ad for animal rights activists PETA.

Howard allowed his chiselled, intricately tattooed torso to be used in a shoot for PETA’s new anti-fur campaign, ‘Ink not Mink’.

“When I see someone wearing fur, I just want to sit them down in front of one of PETA’s videos and show them just how badly animals suffer for this supposed fabric that no-one needs,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

Every year millions of animals – including foxes, rabbits, raccoons, minks and even dogs and cats – are beaten, gassed, electrocuted and even skinned alive for their fur.

PETA is urging consumers to boycott fur and opt for alternatives.

Check out the PETA Ink Not Mink site for more scantily clad celebs, including Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman.

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